Invariably, training is the difference between the people who get the jobs and the people who are left wondering why they didn’t.  Whether you are a beginner just starting out in the industry or a seasoned veteran, no intelligent actor ever believes that they “know it all.”  Continuous training throughout a career is what gives actors staying power in the fiercely competitive market of Television, Film & Commercials.



A must for all levels of actors, the Weekend Boot Camp is an intensive two day session that focuses on the audition process. Students learn their strengths and weaknesses to help improve their overall marketability in the industry.  All aspects of the business are covered in this class.  Topics include:

  • Understanding the industry and how it works.

  • The different types of auditions an actor faces.

  • Tips on wardrobe, makeup & photographs.

  • Difference in stage, commercial, and film energy.

  • Creating attitudes to create characters.

  • Energy to the camera.

  • Script breakdown and product handling.

  • Finding an agent.

  • Understanding unions.

Rather than focusing on the acting process, this class teaches talent how to make use of the acting ability that they already possess.

Techniques are unique to Patti's teaching process.  Students view an LA casting tape to see what they are aiming for; and get an opportunity to play “clients” to help to understand the process.  Students receive correction as they go, and each is dealt with at his or her own level; therefore beginners as well as advanced actors are welcome.


Sat/Sun. 9:00am-6:00pm

Cost: $200      

Offered once a month


Continuing audition class for those who have completed the weekend bootcamp. No exceptions.

This one day, all on-camera class focuses on commercial technique and the audition process learned in the bootcamp. Actors prepare and perform multiple commercial scripts alone, with a partner, and in small and larger groups.

The perfect chance to keep your skills fresh and ready for use when that big audition comes your way, this class may be repeated monthly as a tool to steadily improve your technique and to keep that technique finely tuned so that it may be used to your greatest advantage when audition opportunities present themselves.


Sunday 10:00am-6:00pm

Cost: $75      

Offered once a month


The perfect class for young actors, whether brand new to the industry or experienced in the business. Focusing on the audition process, children are on camera for the majority of the class time, dealing with the various types of auditions young actors encounter.

Each child is dealt with at his or her own level, and this class is designed to be repeated monthly to steadily improve a child’s skills. Subject matter changes from class to class, so children receive more information and training the more times they enroll.


Saturday 1:00-6:00pm

Cost: $65      

Offered once a month


Under no circumstances will parents be allowed to attend the general class session with their child.  However, parents are asked to return at 4:30pm for the last 90 minutes of the class to view their child’s work and to discuss what they can do to most effectively assist in their child’s development.