children’s class

Saturday 1 pm-6 pm
Offered once a month
Cost: $65
Ages 6-13 only

Led by Patti Kalles

The perfect class for young actors, whether brand new to the industry or experienced in the business.

Focusing on the audition process, children are on camera for the majority of the class, dealing with the various types of auditions young actors encounter.

Each child is dealt with at his or her own level, and this class is designed to be repeated monthly to steadily improve a child’s skills. Subject matter changes from class to class, so children receive more information and training each time they enroll. 

SPECIAL NOTE Under no circumstances will parents be allowed to attend the general class session with their child.

We do ask parents to return at 4:30 pm for the last 90 minutes of the class to view their child’s work and to discuss what they can do to most effectively assist in their child’s development.

Enrollment by phone only
(206) 522-2660 / office
(206) 383-9001 / mobile


DIRECTIONS 11728 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle WA 98133