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The northwest’s premier casting agency

since 1983 × seattle × c.s.a.


Kalles Levine Casting is the premier agency in the Pacific Northwest

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Offering high-end casting services for more than 30 years, Patti Kalles and Laurie Levine have the knowledge and professional contacts to assure a successful and hassle-free casting experience, whether for a single-character commercial or a 50-character feature.
THE TEAM Patti and Laurie make a dynamic team. They can meet any casting challenge with their extensive film, television and theatre background and love of the acting process. Need a 75-year-old motorcycle granny or a 5-year-old piano virtuoso? We've gone the distance to find the perfect actor to fill even the most challenging roles.

ACTORS Auditions are by Appointment Only! For more information about the agency, the casting directors, or the excellent actor training classes we offer, please select a topic on the navigation bar at the top.

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P.O. Box 33807
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Advice for Actors




Agents are a great resource for talent.

However, whether or not you have one, it is still your responsibility to ensure that casting directors know who you are and what you can do.

Remember, there is no substitute for self-marketing when it comes to finding success in any television, film & commercial industry market.

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SELF-TAPe auditions

Need to submit a self-taped audition to casting agents? Kalles Levine Casting offers a flat-fee service recording and uploading your auditions.


Please mail a hard copy of your headshot and résumé to:

Kalles/Levine Casting
P.O. Box 33807
Seattle, WA 98133

Please note that because we receive a large number of submissions, we are unable to contact everyone who send us materials to confirm receipt.If you do wish to confirm we received your submission – please wait at least two weeks for processing.


auditions by appointment only

CONTACT Make sure your name and current contact information are on both your picture and résumé; they can often get separated during the filing process. Be sure to include email address.

HEADSHOT If you don’t have a current headshot simply forward a current photo that looks like you and shows off your personality. We will add these photos to our files. However, please recognize that if you are serious about becoming a part of the industry, you must have a professional-quality headshot.

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Remember, a headshot that does not represent you accurately will only hinder our ability to use you in the future.


INVARIABLY, TRAINING makes the difference between the people who get the jobs and those left wondering why they didn’t.  Whether you are a beginner just starting out in the industry or a seasoned veteran, no intelligent actor ever believes that they “know it all.”  Continuous training throughout a career is what gives actors staying power in the fiercely competitive market of television, film & commercials.


A must for all levels of actors, the Weekend Bootcamp is an intensive two-day session focusing on the audition process. Students examine their strengths and weaknesses in order to improve their marketability in the industry. All important aspects of the business are covered in this class. 

Sat-Sun. 9 am-6 pm
Offered once a month
Cost: $200

When is the next class?

(Please note the September class is full. After the October session, this class will not be offered again until after the holidays.)


Continuing audition class.
Prerequisite: Weekend Bootcamp

This one-day, all on-camera class focuses on commercial technique and the audition process learned in Bootcamp. Actors prepare and perform commercial scripts alone, with a partner, and in groups.

Friday 6:00 pm-10:00 pm
Cost: $55 (condensed course)

Sunday 10:00 am-6:00 pm
Cost: $75 (full course)

When is the next class?


The perfect class for young actors (ages 6-13) whether brand-new to the industry or experienced in the business.

Focusing on the audition process, children are on camera for the majority of the class, dealing with the various types of auditions young people encounter.

Saturday or Sunday, 1:00-6:00pm
Offered three times a month
Cost: $65

When is the next class?